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Automation Devices’ Sticker Gives Accurate Amplitude Reading for Vibratory Feeding Components

Posted on April 11th, 2011 at 9:55 AM

Erie, Pa. – Automation Devices, Inc (ADI), a vibratory feeder and part system components manufacturer offers customers a simple, surefire way to measure amplitude for vibratory feeders with a simple sticker that is placed on the outside of a vibratory feeder bowl.

The amplitude sticker is a simple gauge for measuring your vibratory feeder’s amplitude. As the feeder’s amplitude increases, an optical illusion on the sticker occurs. Increases in vibration create a vertical line inside the “V” which can indicate the incremental measurement of vibration in “thousandths” of amplitude.
At the time of inspection of anADI custom tooled feeding system, an amplitude sticker is fastened to the bowl or track and observed to determine the optimal incremental setting where the bowl or track produce the most efficient and productive feed rate. The optimum operating amplitude is then recorded on the inspection report for use by the customer for set-up and production running.

The unique characteristic of the amplitude sticker is that its measurement is only relative to your feeder’s optimum output amplitude and cannot be affected by other external variations such as low line current or variations in controller potentiometers that would not offer a constant amplitude reference.

“Our customers have found this to be a helpful mechanism when they receive their feeder,” explains ADI President, Kevin Smith. “If someone is unfamiliar with how a vibratory feeder operates, it can be difficult to determine the proper feed rate. This is a simple tool to help customers through the initial steps of setting up their feeding system.”

To learn more about how amplitude stickers work with vibratory feeding systems, or to request a free amplitude sticker, please contact Automation Devices.

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