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Automation Devices’ Offers New Option for Vibratory Feeding Projects Requiring Level Control Switch

Posted on November 28th, 2012 at 9:45 AM

Automation Devices, Inc. (ADI) has added a new level control switch to their product line in an effort to streamline vibratory feeding projects for their customers. ADI designers and engineers believe that the new 8761A level control switch has the most usable options and the best performance for the price when an automatic level control switch is required.

Level control switches are used in conjunction with vibratory bowl feeders and parts hoppers to maintain a predetermined level of parts in a vibratory feeder bowl. It can be used to remotely operate hoppers, conveyors, and other electrical devices.

Dallas Holmes, Designer/Supervisor at ADI, is pleased with the functionality of this new level control switch. “The 8761A is a high quality product and is a better alternative to switches that we’ve utilized in the past,” explains Holmes. “The benefits to the new model include a zero force technology, which is ideal for maintaining control of light parts and keeping the paddle portion of the switch in a frictionless vertical position.”

In addition, the 8761A features built in adjustable delays of 0/1/2/4/8 seconds, on delay, off delay, dual delay and one shot. It also has zero friction and is compatible with a variety of amplitude controllers. “The light emitting diodes (LED) status indicator makes this switch very user friendly enabling the paddle setting to be adjusted easily,” says Holmes. “With a quick glance at the LED power status the operator is able to determine if the hopper is ready to run.”

Automation Devices Inc. produces a full line of tooled and untooled vibratory feeders and components including level control switches, hoppers and inline feeders. They are located in Fairview, Pa just outside of Erie. They can be contacted at 814-474-5561.