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ADI Unleashes the Fork Rhino!

Posted on December 19th, 2005 at 11:32 AM

Automation Devices announces the introduction of the Fork Rhino Forklift Ball Hitch Adapter.

The Fork-Rhino is a Forklift attachment that enables users to easily convert their fork truck to an equipment moving vehicle. It is capable of moving PINTLE HOOK, GOOSE NECK and STANDARD BALL style trailers and equipment.

It is ideal for situations where a forklift is already used to move materials but seperate moving equipment is required to relocate heavier and mobile equipment. It is ideal for situations and events such as:

Trade Shows--The Fork-Rhino eliminates the need for powered hand-trucks as well as the need to drive heavy equipment over the show floors with large vehicles.
Construction Sites--Rather than having to move a trailer or equipment with a truck, simply attach the Fork-Rhino.
Warehouses--A variety of materials, equipment and containers are stored in within a warehouse that already has a forklift. Now, use one attachment to move all your hitched equipment and easily switch back to a standard fork truck.
The Fork-Rhino does not affect the Safe Operation or Capacity of a forklift making the Fork-Rhino an OSHA Compliant Forklift Attachment!
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