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3 Reasons Why a Vibratory Feeder is Beneficial for Industry

Posted on March 4th, 2014 at 9:19 AM

Automation Devices, Inc. (ADI), a vibratory feeder and part system components manufacturer understands the importance of maintaining costs while keeping production levels up. ADI offers advantages to adding vibratory parts feeding equipment to any shop floor. “Automation equipment always improves processes,” explains ADI President Kevin Smith. “Vibratory feeders specifically prove to be a sound investment for a multitude of industries.”

1. Eliminates Labor
Vibratory feeders often feed parts to a secondary operation or robot – eliminating the need of a worker to stand and manually handle those parts manually. “By eliminating even a single position, companies can save thousands of dollars annually,” explains Smith.

2. Increases Accuracy and Consistency
Feeding systems deliver parts at a constant rate of speed, up to a rate of 200 parts per minute, depending on the part. Tooled bowls orient and deliver parts consistently in the same direction so they can be easily transferred to the next operation. By using a vibratory feeder accompanied with an inline track or orienting rolls, you are eliminating human error and ensuring correct delivery of the part. “Feeding systems also reject bad or unwanted parts and can untangle small items such as closed end springs and split rings,” says Smith.

3. Improves Efficiency
Not only does vibratory feeding reduce and eliminate human error, it also can utilize multiple lines of feed, increasing the output of parts. Other feeding accessories can be used such as a storage hopper, a level control sensor in the bowl and sound enclosures to reduce loud noise levels. “All of these feeding accessories increase efficiency to maximize your feeder’s potential, freeing up personnel and reducing overhead,” says Smith. These feeders never take a break and never ask for a raise.”
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