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Pinned Rhino Receiver Configuration

Turn your forklift into the TOUGHEST, most VERSATILE moving machine in your warehouse!

Rhino receiver pinned

The Pinned Fork Rhino Receiver is a fork truck attachment that enables forklifts to handle equipment that requires Standard Ball, Gooseneck or Pintle Hook latch systems. It is a lightweight and economical alternative to the traditionally large, difficult to handle, pickup and store trailer spotters.

Fork Rhino Pinned
  • Lightweight: Easy to Pick-Up & Move
  • 6" Wide Fork Pockets
  • Easy to Store/Stow Away
  • No Dirty Chains to Mess With
  • OSHA Compliant!
Rhino Pinned

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Attaching the "Original" Pinned Fork-Rhino and Pinned Receiver requires that two (2) 17/32 inch holes be drilled in the forks. The holes allow the holding pins to secure the Fork Rhino to the fork truck.

  • Easy Mounting and Removal

WARNING: The Fork Rhino is Not for Highway or Hi-Speed Use!

Customization is always available!

Fork Rhino Price Request

The Fork Rhino is available with or without the following inserts:

Pintle Insert

Rhino with pintle insert

5-Ton Receiver Mount Pintle Hook
M.V.L.: 2,000 lbs.
M.G.T.W.: 10,000 lbs.

Ball Hitch Insert

Rhino with ball hitch insert

Please contact the factory for specifications.

OSHA does not prohibit drilling holes in forks.

OSHA Regulations Regarding Forklift Attachments

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