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CE Mark, Variable Output Frequency, DIN Rail and Triac Controllers

The REOVIB series of amplitude controllers offers a wide selection of features to enhance the overall performance of feeding systems. All REOVIB controllers carry the CE mark which allows the product to be sold into the European Community. All REOVIB controllers feature an AC/DC Switch, capable of generating either Half-wave or Full-wave outputs.

REOVIB 506 Vibratory Feeder Controller

506 thyristor controller
  • Supply Voltage - 115v 60 Hz
  • Output Voltage - 30-105 v
  • Max output current - 2A
  • AC or DC operation - 30 Hz or 60 Hz
  • Inhibit contacts - 12v-24v
  • Mounting - Din rail
  • Output control of the vibratory feeder is by adjustment of a 10k potentiometer. This unit can be used on Models 8, 5 and 3 drive units, as well as our various inline tracks and our Model 9000 Dyna-mite bin vibrators. These controls can be used on both resistive and inductive loads.

Economically priced at $90.00 while supply lasts!
Comparable units cost $173+!

REOVIB controller
REOVIB controller

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